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Tips for Swimming with an Ostomy Bag

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on April 17, 2023

Are you an avid swimmer and want to discover how to resume your hobby after ostomy surgery?

The good news is that it’s easier than you think, provided you know how to guard your ostomy pouch system while in the water. As long as you’re healthy enough to resume physical activity, nothing has to inhibit you from enjoying the water again, if you follow these helpful tips.

Get Effective Swimwear

Arguably the most essential element is a reliable swimsuit, one that’s snug without becoming too constrictive. Women should purchase a snug, one-piece suit, whereas men need a high-waisted pair of swim trunks to cover everything. Also, if you intend to swim laps or do other rigorous exercise, it’s often better to select a convenient one-piece drainable pouch system before doing so.

Consider Ostomy Belts

Besides having strong swimwear, you may consider including an ostomy belt or “stealth belt.” This is an extra layer of protection that keeps things in place better. Many ostomates who get back into surfing or wake boarding utilize these extra enhancements to keep everything much more secure when exposed to greater friction or resistance.

Test Your Pouches in the Shower

Chances are if your ostomy supplies work properly in the shower, you’ll be ready to go in at least a swimming pool. You should still exercise caution at the beach, however, if there are waves involved. As always, take your time with this until you know for sure what to expect, especially right after your ostomy surgery.

Monitor Your Skin While Swimming & Have a Great Time!

The big takeaway is that ostomates just have to pay closer attention to details that we would otherwise take for granted. Nevertheless, if you monitor your stoma, and stop if you notice skin irritation, then it’s not too hard to resume swimming, eventually. Water activities are like everything else after an ostomy surgery, take it slowly, follow physicians' guidance, be patient, and never panic.

Thank you for reviewing this quick guide to swimming with an ostomy bag. You can learn more about topics like these by following Fortis Medical Products. Through the production of effective ostomy products and accessories, our goal is to help ostomates enjoy a higher quality of life. Call us anytime to learn more about our products at 855-550-2600.

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