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The Importance of Proper Barrier Fit

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on March 10, 2023

It’s very important for ostomy patients to have proper-sized supplies in order to take care of their stoma without hindrances. While there’s always a lot of discussion about selecting the right pouches (the style, size, drainage options, and so forth), you can’t neglect the other accessory items, either.

What about skin barrier rings? These essential items make all the difference in the world for adequate stoma care. Let’s look at why they’re important for securing your pouches and keeping your skin healthy.

What is a Barrier?

The barrier helps handle high-liquid output as well as heavier, thicker output by gently adhering to your skin around the stoma. It’s the component that processes waste from the stoma exit into the pouch. Of course, selecting the correct one can be a challenge because everyone’s body shape and stoma conditions are different. 

Sometimes patients can accomplish this quickly by working with a hospital nurse, but other times it’s akin to finding the right-sized dress or suit. Again, everyone’s different with ostomy product sizes.

How do you find the right one?

You’ll know you have the proper fit when the barrier conforms to your body even while you perform daily activities. Granted, when you’re immediately out of your surgery, and unable to move as much, it could take some experimenting to test the boundaries, so to speak. Remember, the barrier must stay in place while you sit, stand, stretch, twist, and all other normal motions.

For ostomates who are still in the workforce, this also includes performing all of your job activities. Never fear, however, because with patience and persistence, you can do like many others, find the right sizes, and resume an active lifestyle.

Be patient and try different options

The trick is to experiment with different samples for a while until you find the ones that won’t chafe or irritate the skin from poor fit. This will require a certain measure of patience, trial, and error. We make multiple sizes, including special thin barriers to accommodate the greatest number of ostomy patients.

Entrust Skin Barriers from Fortis Medical Products

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options when you explore our patented Entrust series. We have barrier products ranging from $66.30 to $142.00, designed to hug gently onto the stoma area without causing undo friction, redness, or irritation. Everything we produce is latex free, designed to minimize “pancaking” and leaks, and allow for easy removal and replacement.

You can find terrific ostomy products, including every essential accessory, when you shop with Fortis Medical Products. It’s also easy to order samples from us anytime. Feel free to contact us at 855-550-2600 to speak with a representative about anything we carry.

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