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Strategies for Thriving with an Ostomy: Tips and Tricks for Daily Life

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on April 28, 2023

The ostomy condition does not have to hinder daily routines when you have reliable supplies and take reasonable precautions. While it may have been a greater hindrance in the old days, modern ostomy products make managing a stoma much simpler for work, recreation, and leisure. In this post, we’ll explain how it’s still easy to thrive without panicking over potential ostomy bag calamities all the time.

Learn to Troubleshoot Your “New” Digestive System

In a certain sense, the ostomy procedure presents patients with a new way of digesting and handling food. Instead of viewing it as a handicap, the best way to cope with everything is to imagine it as something new; a different skill to hone. We might analogize it to switching from driving a car to work to riding a motorcycle. The day-to-day dynamics, feelings, and routine will change somewhat, but you’re still accomplishing the same essential task.

The most tangible example probably involves meal preparation. Ostomy patients may not have the luxury of relying on fast-food restaurants for takeout in a pinch (since it’s unhealthy and hard to digest). Therefore, you’ll need to have meals ready for those scenarios when you’re in a hurry, but don’t want to burden a more fragile digestive system with poor nutrition.

Then there are several examples of how to approach exercising. If you were an avid weightlifter and used to perform heavy squats and deadlifts, you may have to temper your expectations or try alternatives. Patience, caution, and discovering what does/doesn’t work is an essential strategy.

Accidents Will Occur - Plan Accordingly

Accidents do not have to be a source of shame or loss of self-esteem. Even in the smoothest, post-operation circumstances there are bound to be problems like leaks, gas, and other unexpected trouble. The most important thing to remember is to always keep back-up pouches and other ostomy supplies with you wherever you go. 

Don’t Forget to Find a Network of Other Ostomates

You’re not alone with the burden of managing ostomy pouches, making dietary changes, or eating slower. The range of Americans believed to live with an ostomy condition falls somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000, including folks of all ages. You don’t have to isolate yourself when you can network and befriend others with similar circumstances. Consider exploring ostomy support groups, which are easy to find on the United Ostomy Association website.

Those are three ways to take a positive approach to managing colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. If you’d like further assistance with specific concerns, consider reading our previous articles, like this one on swimming with an ostomy bag.

Fortis Medical Products makes reliable, comfortable, and easy-to-use supplies and accessories for patients living with any of the three ostomy procedures. Contact us anytime to learn more or ask about sample items by calling 855-550-2600.

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