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Freight and Payment Information


Applicable freight shall be assessed and added to invoices. It will be taxed or not taxed
as per applicable laws.

Our preferred freight carrier is UPS. Next day and 2nd day air options are only available by
contacting 855-550-2600.

Orders over $500.00 will receive free shipping within the continental US.


Fortis is a Free on Board (FOB) facility. Only approved packages are released for shipment;
merchandise leaves the facility in good order. Once the loading activities are complete, the
risks of the goods are passed on from the seller to the buyer. You must contact the
transportation carrier for any claims for damage, defacement, or loss.


In consideration of Fortis extending credit to the applicant named above and other good
and valuable considerations, the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the
applicant agrees that all charges shall be satisfied in 2% net 30 or according to the terms
set forth on the invoice. No other terms are allowed or implied unless specified in
writing and signed by both parties. Forms of payment are credit card, EFT, or by check.
Fortis reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change payment terms (including cash
upon delivery) or limit total credit in lieu there has been a unfortunate change in the
Applicant’s financial condition or any unsatisfactory payment performance; or customer
ceases to meet Fortis’s credit requirements or Fortis determines that the Applicant is
likely to cease meeting such requirements. Upon the occurrence of any of the above
specified events and / or others not specifically mentioned, Fortis further shall be
entitled to suspend or discontinue the shipment of any orders to the Applicant.


Sales tax will be assessed and added to invoices as per the law unless the Applicant
furnishes Fortis with proof as required by the Applicant’s state, that they are in fact
exempt from paying sales tax.


The applicant has 15 days from the date of said invoice to notify Fortis in writing of any
errors in pricing. The parties shall then work together toward an amicable agreement to
resolve the issue.


In the event the payment is not received by the due date as stated on the invoice, a
penalty of .75% will be imposed for EACH SEMI-MONTHLY STATEMENT PERIOD (or 1.5%
per monthly statement period), that the invoice is past due. (18% per annum).
Fortis will issue a separate charge of $25.00 per occurrence, on all payments returned
for nonsufficient funds (NSF) or uncollected funds. The applicant agrees to pay for all
purchases, fees and other charges incurred by applicant or an authorized user on any
account of applicant, including penalties on past due amounts at the highest rate
permitted by law.

The consumer is responsible for all additional taxes, duty, and customs fees for international


If this account is turned over for collection, the applicant agrees to pay all costs of
collection, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, whether suit is brought or
not. Applicant and Creditor acknowledge that this agreement is entered into in the State
of Florida and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Exclusive venue and
jurisdiction for any suit or action arising under this payment schedule, credit application
or related document shall be in the Circuit Court of Sarasota County, Florida. Any other
jurisdiction and venue is expressly waived by both parties.

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