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Is an Ostomy New to You? Let's Help!

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on June 16, 2023

Are you new to ostomy care or are about to undergo this procedure?

If so, then let us introduce you to what this entails, the three types of ostomy, and what all goes into ostomy care.

What is an Ostomy?

Ostomies are either temporary or permanent procedures designed to reprocess waste a different way through one’s digestive system. Surgeons do this by moving a section of the intestine (large or small) to exit waste out of the lower abdomen from a created location called a “stoma.” This allows waste to discharge into an ostomy pouch.

Three types of Ostomy

  1. Colostomy - This involves the removal of either part of the large intestine or the colon. It typically addresses colorectal cancers. Following surgery to remove the cancer, whatever’s left of the colon is brought to the abdomen through a stoma.
  2. Ileostomy - If disease makes it impossible to discharge waste through the rectum, anus, or colon, doctors may perform an ileostomy. The surgeon creates a stoma at the end of the small intestine (called the “ileum”). Patients may receive this procedure to address injuries, cancer, Crohn’s Disease, and Diverticulitis.  
  3. Urostomy - This procedure addresses problems brought about by injury, bladder cancer, bladder removal, and other urinary conditions. A urostomy bypasses the bladder and allows urine to exit the abdomen by attaching the ureters to the end of the small intestine.

How Do You Take Care of the Stoma After an Ostomy?

Post-ostomy patients may have to endure certain complications for a while, including nausea, vomiting, and changing stoma conditions. Most of these difficulties pass, but there's still the matter of managing discharge waste with the new arrangement. This involves exiting and collecting waste with safely made products, tailored to specific patients’ sizes and skin conditions.

What are the Important Products for Post-Ostomy Patients?

You should know about the basic supplies needed to manage your ostomy after undergoing the procedure.

  • Pouches - This is the primary ostomy-care component, available in several versions. Manufacturers make these in either one-piece or two-piece varieties with different drainage options. The former may be more effective for the most physically active ostomates, whereas the latter may be easier to use for handling leaks and emergencies.
  • Wafers & Skin Barrier Rings - These are two ways to attach your preferred pouch system to the skin surrounding the stoma exit. 
  • Stoma Paste - You can use this “caulking” material to better adhere the pouches to your skin. Some patients use this in combination with wafers.
  • Odor Eliminators - If you’re struggling with gas and odors, then this is an essential accessory, especially while out in public.
  • Pouch Disposable Bags - Then there are also some other “cleanup” items you may elect to use. Disposable bags and appliance cleaners can help you maintain sanitary conditions around the stoma.

Fortis Medical Products is the best place to find out all about ostomy care. We produce comfortable, durable, easy-to-use, hypoallergenic ostomy supplies to suit the needs of any patient.
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