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Improving Lives is Our Specialty

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on August 8, 2022

Welcome to Fortis Medical Products, where we do everything to improve the lives of those living with an ostomy condition. We’d like to summarize what that means and show you some of our effective ostomy products.

Fortis Medical Products - Ostomy Products & Accessories

Ostomy is a more common procedure than you might believe. There are three versions of this where surgeons redirect a patient’s intestines to expel waste through an abdominal opening when ordinary digestion no longer works. Those three procedures are colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy.

That abdominal opening, where intestines are redirected, is called a “stoma.” After an ostomy procedure, the stoma requires certain personal care practices, particularly with handling waste fluids. Our products address these concerns.

We offer medical supplies for ostomy patients to help them safely, cleanly, and conveniently manage their stoma. These include:

The pouches are the most important items because they’re your primary means of collecting waste from the stoma. Our supply line features multiple options that cater to different needs. We make all of our pouches and accessories to maximize comfort and make them almost unnoticeable while you perform normal daily activities. Many of our clients can use these products while swimming, exercising, working, and anything else you did before your ostomy.

Many patients express concerns regarding gas and odors. There are many ways to handle this with an ostomy. One of our popular accessories, the Lubricating Odor Eliminator, addresses this well, allowing you much more peace of mind when you travel or interact with others.

About Fortis Medical Products - Improving Lives is Our Speciality

Our team at Fortis Medical Products holds over 25 patents in the U.S. and abroad for the supplies we produce. We try to cover every angle of ostomy care, which also involves wound dressing and other safety measures. We’ve built an outstanding industry reputation through our total dedication to improving lives.

Fortis Medical Products is located in Sarasota, FL, and serves ostomy patients all over the country. If you’d like to try our products before buying a large volume, you’re more than welcome to order samples from us online. Part of our mission involves making sure ostomy patients are comfortable with the personal care products they use every day. Contact us to learn more at 855-550-2600.

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