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Important Stoma Skin Care Strategies for Ostomates

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on May 16, 2023

It’s essential for ostomates to pay close attention to the condition of the skin around their stoma. Otherwise, you risk suffering from redness, irritation, and even infection. It’s not too difficult to keep your stoma area clean and healthy, provided you follow these important self-care precautions.

Inspect Your Stoma Everyday

Nothing beats monitoring your skin (at least once a day) with a mirror in a well-lit area. This prevents you from ever being caught by surprise. Check both the skin around the supplies and your ostomy supplies. If the flange has a wrinkle or crease in it, then it’s not positioned properly, and creating friction with your skin. Furthermore, it’s even more important to inspect for leaks or stomal output. Both are a significant problem and will irritate or infect the surrounding skin.

Carefully Changing Ostomy Pouches

First, always make sure you don’t go too long without changing pouches. Most ostomy products aren’t designed to go beyond three to five days without replacing. Sometimes, the condition of the supplies themselves may give you a clue regarding your stoma skin health. Then, you’ll also want to be sure to clean off the old adhesive substance before applying new pouches.

Take Advantage of Accessory Items

Stoma skincare is so much easier with the liberal use of wipes, stoma powder, and other must-haves for ostomy care. Stoma paste is another key item, which will make it faster to find and correct leaks/gaps, and handle tough spots, scars, and uneven skin. Finally, don’t forget to keep an ostomy product cleaner handy. It should go without saying that sanitizing your supplies and applicators is rudimentary for stoma skin health.

Get a Professional Opinion Once in a While

The skin around your stoma is no different from any other healthcare matter. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to seek a second opinion from a physician. It’s wise to ask the doctor to evaluate your skin condition when you visit for follow-ups every so often. You can also speak with fellow ostomy patients through various support networks. They’ve undergone the same procedure and have to endure similar skin challenges.

Those are the basics of caring for the sensitive skin around the stoma.

Fortis Medical Products is proud to offer first-rate ostomy supplies, the industry’s safest even if you have to deal with complications or scarring. They protect your stoma, keep everything sanitary, and are easy to apply/change with less leaking. Contact us anytime to learn more about our medical innovations and products by calling 855-550-2600.

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