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Eating During the Holidays with an Ostomy Doesn't Have to be Difficult!

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on November 29, 2022

One of the most important things to monitor during the holiday season is one’s approach to eating as an ostomy patient. We touched upon this a little in our last post on holidays with an ostomy, but we want to delve a little deeper into dietary matters.

No two ostomy conditions are precisely the same, so always coordinate with your doctors and dieticians. However, there are a few general guidelines to remember when you prepare for Thanksgiving/Christmas meals.

Avoid Problem Foods & Focus on Vitamins

You probably already know you have to avoid heavy sugars, junk foods, and high sodium content. This should also involve consuming more foods rich in essential vitamins like Vitamin C. There are plenty of ways to get it through ostomy-friendly items like broccoli, cranberries, and potatoes.

Go For Smaller Meals

It’s better to avoid mega meals, which can be a challenge during the holidays. The best approach is to consume more meals with smaller portions. Above all else, focus on chewing your food all the way and eating slowly.

Always Emphasize Hydration

One of the most common dietary problems is to confuse hunger with thirst. Sometimes they feel the same, which leads some folks to reach for unhealthy options to satiate the cravings. The better move, however, is to drink more water for optimal hydration. You should also avoid alcohol, coffee, and sugary fruit drinks that do the opposite.

Scrutinize Your Ingredients

Alas, there are a lot of other potential problem foods for ostomy patients. With a delicate digestive process, you’ll have to avoid items like corn and nuts. This is the time of year when you might experience the overwhelming urge to eat cakes, cookies, pies, and other obvious trigger foods. You can’t let your guard down and splurge on these items.

Make Dishes from Safer Ingredient Options

All ostomy patients have to undergo a little trial-and-error to distinguish their “safe foods” from the ones that create gas and other trouble. Continue to make a food diary where you separate acceptable foods from bad ones and let this be your guide for eating well during the holidays.

You can learn more about dietary advice and explore all the best ostomy care products through Fortis Medical Products. We have plenty of ways to make life with an ostomy so much easier with the best pouches, wafers, skin barriers, and other supplies. Contact us to learn more about eating tips or any of our products by calling 855-550-2600.

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