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September 25, 2023
Embracing Life's Changes with an Ostomy Bag

Many patients face the possibility of undergoing either a temporary or permanent ostomy procedure to address several life-threatening conditions, including colon-rectal cancer. Once they hear about it, the first question that always arises goes something like this: “How does one live with an ostomy bag?” So, since that’s an important concern, let’s go over the […]

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September 15, 2023
Stoma Creation: A Guide for Ovarian Cancer Surgery Survivors

Ovarian cancer is another serious condition, which can spread to certain components of the digestive system. Sometimes, if this happens, it could require partial or total removal of various bowels, making it necessary to divert waste in a different direction. As you may already know, ostomy is a common way to do this by surgically […]

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August 28, 2023
Strategies for Driving with an Ostomy

What are the practical implications for driving with an ostomy? This is one of several things new ostomy patients might encounter following their surgery. Since many individuals continue an active lifestyle after the procedure, it helps to know how to handle various scenarios and potential obstacles. This article will deal with the driving aspects. The […]

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August 22, 2023
Guidance for Life After Surgery – The Top 4 Pointers for Post-Ostomy Surgery

Coping with ostomy surgery, whether for yourself or a loved one, can often feel overwhelming and stir up emotions of distress, frustration, and helplessness. Not to mention it's been proven that patients often grapple with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty as they adjust to their new reality.  Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom, as this […]

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July 24, 2023
Advice for Ostomy Pouch Changing in a Public Restroom

Part of adjusting to life with an ostomy involves troubleshooting the unexpected difficulties you may encounter away from home. While most ostomy patients would prefer to change or drain pouches before going places, sometimes one’s digestive system has other ideas. Plus, it’s nice to be adaptable to various circumstances. We’d like to go over some […]

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July 11, 2023
Summer Travel Tips for Ostomy Patients

Are you ready to drive, fly, walk, and run all over the country this summer? This is still attainable for many ostomy patients, provided you prepare for certain traveling bottlenecks. Fortunately, we’ve met many ostomates who’ve returned to living the same active lifestyle as prior to their surgery after learning how to make some simple […]

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June 30, 2023
How Often Should I Change My Ostomy Bag?

New ostomy patients go through many adjustments while learning how to manage their condition. Most of it involves how to change pouches, eating carefully, and keeping the stoma clean. Regarding that first item - How often should you change pouches? You can expect to change your ostomy bag about every three to five days, but […]

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June 16, 2023
Is an Ostomy New to You? Let's Help!

Are you new to ostomy care or are about to undergo this procedure? If so, then let us introduce you to what this entails, the three types of ostomy, and what all goes into ostomy care. What is an Ostomy? Ostomies are either temporary or permanent procedures designed to reprocess waste a different way through […]

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May 31, 2023
Which Works Better? Ostomy Paste or Barrier Rings?

Do you have all the right accessories for guaranteeing proper stoma care?  There’s more to managing your ostomy situation than just the pouches. Optimal health maintenance for ostomates should include the use of ancillary items like barrier rings, wafers, ostomy paste, extension strips, odor eliminators, and so forth. This article will delve into how to […]

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May 16, 2023
Important Stoma Skin Care Strategies for Ostomates

It’s essential for ostomates to pay close attention to the condition of the skin around their stoma. Otherwise, you risk suffering from redness, irritation, and even infection. It’s not too difficult to keep your stoma area clean and healthy, provided you follow these important self-care precautions. Inspect Your Stoma Everyday Nothing beats monitoring your skin […]

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