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Being Comfortable with Your Stoma Bag at Work is Possible

Posted by Fortis Medical Products  on October 26, 2022

There’s way less apprehension about undergoing an ostomy procedure nowadays because it’s easier than ever to take care of things post-surgery. This includes activities like exercise, sleeping, intimacy, and anything else you would normally do.

It’s also important to know how to handle your stoma while you’re at work. In this post, we’ll cover a few pointers on how to manage your stoma bag and remain comfortable at work.

When we say “work,” that could refer to many tasks either indoors or outside in various levels of physicality. Therefore, we’ll break down these best practices for managing a stoma in different job settings.

Desk Jobs & Most Indoor Work

Stationary and seated jobs pose the least hassle or risk of complication for ostomy patients. However, be aware of a few potential obstacles. If you work a job where you cannot leave your desk (like certain call-center positions), you’ll want to speak to your supervisor about how to handle emergencies. By that, we mean unexpected leakage or other pouch malfunctions, especially when you’re still learning how to use them.

Also, be mindful of long periods of sitting if you’ve had rectal surgery. This may require you to sit with an extra cushion for a few months immediately after ostomy surgery.

Physically Active; Moving All Day

Outdoor/physical jobs are more likely to cause issues because of perspiration, which might interfere with the adhesive material around the pouch seal. This means you’ll have to be proactive about changing pouches before it happens. If you reach out to us, we can suggest certain skin barrier extensions that can prolong durability.

Any Job That Involves Stretching/Bending

Although pouches are sturdy and shouldn’t break because of stretching or other movements, you may find it uncomfortable at first. We recommend wearing looser clothing for a while when you’re new to the program. You can also purchase a stoma belt to make maneuvering a less precarious experience.

These are the main job-related stoma issues you’ll need to handle. As you can see, it’s not overwhelming as long as you approach things carefully. That’s true of the entire post-surgery recovery process.

If you’d like further guidance on how to manage a stoma bag or need help with selecting ostomy products, then you’re always welcome to contact us at Fortis Medical Products. Our headquarters are in Sarasota, Florida, but we happily assist clients anywhere. You can reach us anytime at 855-550-2600.

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