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fortaderm-logoOur primary focus is moist wound care dressings, which remain the most effective advanced wound methodology for chronic wounds. Unlike our competitors, our moist woundcare dressings exhibit no “cold flow”, are virtually translucent and adhere better to skin. For patients and practitioners this means less handling and infection, better wound care management and faster healing.

fortacare-logoWe are committed to being a leader in advanced wound care technology, with several highly innovative, clinically effective devices in several phases of development. Our goal is nothing less than to revolutionize infection control and change the face of wound care management.


FortaCare Negative Pressure Wound Therapy kits (NPWT) are designed to easily and comfortably be applied to highly sensitive and uncomfortable wounds. The highly absorbent foam can easily handle high, output while creating a comfortable cushioning for the wound. The transparent film is clear to easily monitor the foam and the edges of the wound for optimum care. The drain assembly is flexible, yet durable to handle high volumes of fluid as comfortably as possible.


Additional features:

  • Safe to use with compatible NPWT pumps
  • Latex Free


  • 9100 (HCPCS A6550) Entrust NPWT Dressing Kit, Medium: 2 dressings, 1 foam, drain assembly
  • 9200 (HCPCS A6550) Entrust NPWT Dressing Kit, Large: 3 dressings, 2 foam, drain assembly